Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is coming strong this year, but not for the same reasons as other players. While other players are coming to prove they are capable of winning the ultimate prize, Rose is on a mission to show everyone he can still play at a high level despite all of the major and nagging injuries he’s had since 2011. Torn ACL in his left knee, torn meniscus in his right knee, sprained ankles, and another tear to his right meniscus again. I for one am not a believer in luck, but if there is such a thing, this has to be the prime example of what bad luck should look like.

Before all of these injuries, Derrick Rose had become the youngest person at age 22 to win the MVP Award in 2011 over LeBron James. That same year, this kid that reached superstardom after just 3 years in the league made it to the conference finals against LeBron himself. Unfortunately the lack of experience was shown, as he was not ready to handle a proven superstar like James and failed to win it all. But he played his heart out all year long, and left everyone in the city of Chicago, where greatness had not come since Michael Jordan, that this team was finally ready to contend for a title.

Derrick Rose was to bring them to the promised land, to overthrow King James, and become everyone’s hero. Injury after injury the people have lost hope. They no longer think he can play at the same level of his MVP season, much less take on LeBron and finally give his city what they have longed for since Jordan left. Before this current 2015-2016 season started, it seemed like Rose was ready to go, but another injury has slowed down the process a bit. This time though, unlike previous years when he would have rather rest, he is tired of the criticism and wants to play.

Now, playing with a mask because of a swollen eye, he has shown that he is willing to put his body through whatever is necessary to carry this team to what they desire. He is nowhere near close to his MVP season, but the fact that he is playing through this injury should say a lot to those who have lost hope. A new Derrick Rose has emerged, and he is going to prove that the Bulls are ready to contend for a title once again.


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