Moneyball wins more championships

moneyball book coverIn the previous decades, we have seen teams like the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, spend millions of dollars to acquire the best players, in turn making them the best team. You’d think that being the best team gives the organization the best chance to win the titles. Maybe on paper, but in the previous decade it has not happened.

The New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and Los Angeles Dodgers have the three highest payrolls in all of baseball. In the past decade these three teams have combined for just three titles out of a possible ten. Teams like the Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals, and now the Kansas City Royals and New York Mets have proven that developing players is now more effective than buying them. In the past decade these teams that have developed their players have combined for 6 titles.

Granted there are more teams on that list, but that gives them at least one title each. Thus, proving that maybe buying all of your players is old fashioned. The Yankee Way may have died in 2000, when they dominated everyone. Grinding the season out with skilled players seems to be the way to go these days.



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