NBA Opening Week

After 4 months of rest for most of these athletes, some offseason trades and signings from the front office of each team, the NBA season has finally begun. It’s off to the races, with plenty of guys trying to prove themselves who the better one is, while others look to redeem themselves from their performance last year. It’s no question that there are many doubters as to why the Golden State Warriors won the title last year; those who were not convince by this team’s talent attribute this achievement to sheer luck. Those same people are out to prove that this year… They are out for a vendetta.

Stephen Curry did not deserve to win the title, for he did not have to face the Los Angeles Clippers or the reigning champs San Antonio Spurs. His team was lucky they were all healthy while also facing a Cleveland Cavaliers team plagued with injuries to two of their star players. Curry did not deserve the MVP Award, he played for the best team in the league and they would still be good without him… These are some of the arguments fans of the game (and obviously not fans of the Warriors), and even from other players in the league. It was all luck; the stars aligned themselves to help this team to such achievements. Rival players, coaches, and fans are out this year to make sure everyone knows they didn’t really earn that trophy.

Players like James Harden, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James are coming for Curry and the Warriors. They all feel robbed of the glory the Warrior’s team has received all year long, and they all have something in common; injuries. LeBron lost Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, and though he had the help of various role players who stepped up when it mattered most, and he put up spectacular numbers, it was just not enough. Kevin Durant broke his foot and his team was not able to make the playoffs, which meant one less team was able to challenge the Warriors in their road to the finals. Chris Paul and Griffin lost a 3-1 lead over the Rockets in the 2nd round of the playoffs after being less than 10 minutes away with an 18 point lead to close it out; another team that was robbed of their chance to challenge the Warriors. James Harden lost point guard Patrick Beverley, there was no elite player defending Curry and that obviously was not fair for them. And lets not forget the Spurs who were eliminated in the first round by the Clippers, robbing them of the chance to face the Warriors as well. So much luck was involved.

If you have not yet been able to tell, these previous paragraphs have been pure satire. Do I believe any of these excuses? Of course not, but I will not continue with further arguments as to why that team DID deserve everything that came to them. That’s not to say luck played no part in their success, because it did, but it always does. You don’t get to win a title after playing for about 8 months at such a high level. Avoiding injuries is something the players have not much control over, but who they get to face is. They all follow the same rules, win the most games in the regular season and you’ll have an easier time in the playoffs. Who they faced was a result of their talent.

Stephen Curry and the Warriors will come out with a bang to start off this season, and will prove the doubters wrong, while the excuse filled opponents will try to redeem themselves in their quest for a vendetta…


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