World Series 2015

Kansas City Royals. New York Mets. Two underdogs going at it. While the Royals are trying to win after coming up just short in game 7 of last years finals, the Mets are trying to get back on the map. They have not won since 1986, and have let the New York Yankees reign their city.

The Royals have not won since 1985, but they did come close last year when they lost against the San Francisco Giants in a game 7 that was decided on the last play. They came that close, but most analysts and fans of the game believed they got lucky to have gotten that far, and would not come close this year. Boy, were those people wrong. The Royals have not only dominated all season long, they seem to be on a mission to tear apart any team that stands in their way to get their title.

They are currently up 3-1 against the Mets, who were said to have an unbeatable, and unstoppable pitching, but have been beaten way too easily this series. The Royals can take home the title with one more win tonight, and I believe they’ll blow them out one more time just to prove they belong and they deserved it more than anyone this year.


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