Early Candidates for MVP

westbrook and durant
Russell Westbrook (left), Kevin Durant (right)

The NBA season has officially finished its first week, all teams having played 3 to 4 games. Now, obviously it is way too early to be considering the candidates for MVP at this point of the season, but there have been way too many great performances so far that cannot be ignored. In just the first week of action, 50+ points have been scored, triple doubles have occurred, and overtime madness including some amazing buzzer beaters.

A lot of things can happen during an 82-game season, from injuries to shooting slumps. As of right now though, these players in my candidacy list just seem unbeatable. There are 5 players in my list who should deserve some recognition for their performances this season:

  1. Stephen Curry
    1. 37.0 pts, 5.0 reb, 6.3 ast
  2. Russell Westbrook
    1. 30.3 pts, 7.5 reb, 9.3 ast
  3. Blake Griffin
    lebron griffin
    LeBron James (left), Blake Griffin (right)
    1. 29.5 pts, 9.3 reb, 3.5 ast
  4. LeBron James
    1. 22.0 pts, 7.8 reb, 6.3 ast
  5. Kevin Durant
    1. 29.8 pts, 6.0 reb, 1.8 ast

Now, obviously these monster numbers are not likely to hold up throughout the course of the entire season, but that does not mean they will stop playing at such a high level. These numbers, though very impressive, would not mean as much if their teams weren’t winning. They are my candidates for that exact reason, their teams are in the top 3 amongst their conferences, which means they are leading them to victories.

In my previous posts I mentioned that most of the league’s superstars were playing for something to prove. Some to get that ring at the end of the season, while others want to prove they are one of the greatest, and deserve recognition. Stephen Curry is playing to prove his steph curry slam coverdoubters wrong, that his team was not lucky, but rather extremely talented. Westbrook and Durant want to prove that this dynamic duo, when healthy, can take on whoever and come out on top. Blake Griffin is in his prime right now, and
seems to be willing to play his heart out every night alongside his talented teammates to prove he can carry them to the finals. And as for LeBron, he is always playing to prove he is the best in the world, and so far, though he has played better, is doing a great job. His mission is to take Cleveland to their first NBA title, and seems to be on the right track.

I know these incredible stat lines won’t last long, but while they do, I plan on enjoying them as much as possible.

***These stats were taken from: http://www.espn.com as of November 3rd, 2015.

***ALL IMAGES IN THIS POST CAME FROM: http://www.slamonline.com and http://www.fansided.com


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